Finally, a guidebook: rules about fools

Things your mama probably didn’t tell you (‘cuz it wasn’t cool to say “Hey, that’s someone you can’t trust) but then what happened?

People you thought you could trust to have your back have disappointed you, haven’t they? Listen, there are people you can trust to pay you back, but that does not mean they will have your back. Whether or not they intended to be trouble, the problem is they have become your problem…or likely will become a serious issue “in a pinch.”

If you have found yourself giving away your power, they will take it and tell you what’s best for you. They may have convinced you to go against your gut feeling…and now you are paying for it. AGAIN.

You’re not the only one they disturb – what nerve! Who gave them the right to assert themselves over your life? They have no business making decisions for you, causing so much strife. Learn how to take care of this, once and for all!

How to Deal with People You Thought Were Cool

There is a way out and I know it well
The rest of your life need not be hell
Grab the book, please take it all in
Your future awaits; let us begin!

When would now be a good time to release those cymbal-clanging monkeys back out into the wild? It starts by figuring out who they are so you can sleep better, have less stress and make clear-headed choices without the sounds of their voices.

“How to Deal with a Dumbass: what to do and say when they come your way” is your first step toward personal freedom.

When you know what to look for, making sound decisions comes easy. When you get blindsided, (it happens to all of us), this book is your field guide to help eliminate these people, kindly, gently, QUICKLY.

If you don’t do it, you’ll pay the price. Don’t you deserve better?

Hop on over to Amazon and check out the free sample. It’s a funny book full of wisdom and news you can use to make it through this crazy life we are living.