Old dog, new tricks

It’s far too late in the night to be starting a crash course on WordPress. Finishing up my book was a tall order but this is a daunting task best left to those who know. Just give me a template website and call it done. For now, though, we’re here. Together. And for that, I thank you.

I’m Lonnee Rey, author of the “How to Deal with a Dumbass.” It’s a guidebook – the one I wish I’d had when I was trying to figure out how to “be” in the world. Things could have been much simpler if only I knew the stuff contained in my book. Seriously, it’s shortcuts to help you keep your groovy self upbeat in a world full of dumbasses. It ain’t easy, I know. I’m going through this crap, too.

I hope you enjoy the book and give a nice review. There’s gotta be at least one great idea in there that could make a whole world of difference to you – heck, maybe there’s even two great ideas, who knows?

Thanks for dropping by. When I can figure out how to work WordPress there’ll be more details on Coach Snarky’s Bootcamp. Hang with me for a minute longer, OK? Thanks, mate~

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